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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wine-testing helps to sell more!

Have you ever been at a wine-testing? I’m sure that this is an experience you will never forget though you might remember little after that.

In order to buy wine you are to find out what kind of product you are going to purchase. This is not a gadget you can find reviews about or advantages over other stuff – this is absolutely personal and tastes differ. To buy really ‘your taste’ wine you are to taste a number of drinks and if a shop or warehouse provides such a service – this is really outstanding. Of course, no one is obliged to stand you a treat in order to sell his/her product but if we are talking about such a gourmet product as wine this is a marvelous marketing technique to sell even more wine bottles at last. Offer them, for instance, Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage or B&G Cabernet Sauvignon and this will definitely please your customers. Why is it really beneficial to any either physical or online wine store?

First of all people are buying a limited number of wines according to their tastes but you can literally ‘make’ them buy more brands and kinds of wine through standing them a treat even in very small amounts. Who knows, may be you will be lucky to achieve your aim – to awake your client’s interest in other kinds of wine. That means you will definitely benefit from just one purchaser.

Secondly, it is really nice to offer different kinds of wine absolutely for free to taste them and then talk about your business of selling more – your client is already pleased with your service and his/her reluctance to follow your advice disappears. It is obvious that alcohol influences people’s behavior and in small amounts makes them more amenable.

Thirdly, there is such a notion as “net marketing” that should always be taken into account whatever business you are in. One positive testimonial and you are granted to get at least 5 leads – in other words at least 5 potential customers. I’m sure that you will agree that wine-testing raises your wine store reputation in many times!

To sum it up, it is wise to first taste a number of wines and then make your choice!

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