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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sinigang na Baboy

Yesterday my roommate Beth cooked for our dinner sinigang na baboy yes guys you read it right as in baboy. You think there’s no pork here in UAE? There is also some supermarket here sell pork maybe because they know already that pinoy really loves pork hehehe. I don’t know the procedure how to cook the sinigang na baboy but I know the ingredients. These are the ingredients: pork, onion, green chili, string beans, taro roots (gabi), salt, sinigang mix w/ sampaloc and gabi and raddish. I think that’s all the ingredients I will just ask Beth with the right ingredients and especially the procedure how to cook the sinigang na baboy. When I ate it wow super yummy the sourness is there and the spicy because of the chili. Don’t worry guys I will post the procedure on it so that you too can try to cook it for your family.

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