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Monday, December 01, 2008

Sinigang na Baboy

Guys here's the ingredients and procedure to cook the sinigang na baboy as my roommate Beth told me. This recipe is good for four to five person.


  • pork
  • onion
  • green chili
  • string beans
  • taro roots (gabi)
  • sinigang mix w/ sampaloc and gabi (powdered)
  • patis
  • salt
  • and raddish

  1. Wash first all the ingredients the pork and the vegetables.
  2. Cut and slice the vegetables and spices; cut as you like no need to cut the pork because it's already cut into pieces.
  3. Saute the pork with the onion and patis to make it more tasty.
  4. Put water on it together with the sinigang mix w/ sampaloc and gabi and simmer it in 1 hour or just until the pork is tender.
  5. Put some salt for the seasoning just put it as you desired the taste. Add the string beans, raddish and taro roots (gabi) for 10 minutes.
  6. After that add the green chili and bring it to boil. (optional)
  7. Finish ready to eat the sinigang na baboy

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